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We Deliver Results
As a creative media company, SeatMediaTM creates lasting and rewarding experiences for advertisers and viewers alike. Whether you need our engaging and exciting SeatAdsTM advertising, or the interactive and mobile experiences that go with them, we deliver.

SeatMedia created SeatAds to give you a Removable, Online and Interactive advertising channel with real bang for your buck. All across America, SeatAds work in large or intimate venues like stadiums, theatres, racetracks or concerts and in any sort of transportation mode: planes, trains, buses, or taxi cabs. Any place there's a seatback and a potential customer, SeatAds will work. They deliver the longest average viewing time and stay right in front of your audience.

SeatAds are affixed with SeatMedia's patented non-residue adhesive which sticks to any surface, and peels off just as easy. The ads won't stick, but your message will. With SeatAds Direct and the Solution Center, it's easy to get in the game. Call us today.

Top 5 reasons SeatAds Rock
  1. Removable – easy to istall and easy for fans to take your message home
  2. Online – fans can go online for more information or coupons
  3. Interactive – use mobile, texting or surveys to get your target involved with your product and brand
  4. Rewarding – the viewer's engagement pays of for you and for them
  5. Fun – fans want to have a good time and your ad makes a good time even better
Get the results you deserve with SeatAds. SeatAds average a 14% take home rate - that's 5 times better than direct mail. SeatAds are the best value in live event advertising and they're getting better all the time. Get yours today.
Photo of our seatads affixed to the backs of stadium seats

Photo of seats in an aircraft ideal for our seatads to be used for advertising

Photo of rows of bleacher seats with seatads affixed to them