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it's right in front of you
Rewarding, innovative and fun, there's no better way to reach your audience than with SeatAds™. SeatAds™ give you the longest average viewing time of any other ad channel out there. Because they reward the viewer, SeatAds™ enjoy a 14% removal rate. With this kind of innovative and fun advertising, you create an engaging and memorable brand experience that offers real ROI. SeatAds™ will grow your brand, your sales and your revenue.

Announcements and scoreboard ads disappear immediately, but SeatAds™ stay front and center the whole time, right where you want them. Interactive links, special offers, in–venue promotions and coupons make a lasting impression. SeatAds™ deliver at the venue and beyond, every time.
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SeatAds™ Direct
If you'd like to get a SeatAd™ as soon as possible, SeatAds™ Direct gives you the technology to create and order your SeatAd™ right here, right now. Click the button to the right to get started. With SeatAds Direct, you upload your artwork or pictures, your message and how many ads you need. Want to make it even easier? Our concept–to–creation Solution Center can do everything for you. With SeatAds™ Direct, the Solution Center and guaranteed on–time delivery to your doorstep, all you have to do is call.
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